Angel Tattoo artist Sagar Dharoliya, which currently works in Baga, Goa

Angel Tattoo artist Sagar Dharoliya, which currently works in Baga, calangute, Goa

Shared with us some tips and questions to ask yourself before your very first tattoo, based on her experience as a tattoo artist and, as she says, ‘a difficult customer too’ 😉
1. Is it that necessary?

This is the first question to ask yourself. There is no vital need to be inked, isn’t it? Tattoo is an art piece. So think first what is better to you: blank skin or pictures on it.
2. Less but better

If you’re sure you wanna get a tattoo, but scary – start with something small and hidden, so you can define your pain tolerance and understand the sensations by the whole process.⠀
3. Give up colors

Black ink is the easiest pigment to remove using lasers. Of course, it’s a bad idea to get a tattoo with that kinda thoughts … But I have to tell you everything!
4. Overcome perfectionism

Tattoo is not a drawing on a paper! And tattoo artists are not robots! As a result, there may be minor differences with the reference picture. When you plan the first tattoo, you imagine it so perfect … Better to relax and enjoy the new experience!⠀
5. Find your style

Instagram and Pinterest are your best helpers in learning tattoo styles. Find pages of rad tattoo artists and bloggers with good tattoos. Look for someone with a similar body and outfits as yours when searching. So you can easily “see” yourself with inked skin!⠀
6. Get to know your

selfWhether it’s an inscription or a realistic portrait, choose what is constant for you in a lifetime. Let’s say a lucky number or a beloved pet. And no advices from other persons!
7. No rush!

I plan my tattoos for years. And there are none of them which I regret about! Take your time. While making your choice, find an experienced artist who makes tattoos in the style which is suits you. Get a consultation and collect money to pay for the upcoming session. Remember, a good tattoo is expensive! But it’s absolutely worth it!
8. make sure your tatoo is vegan

Nowadays most of the inks and other tattoo products are vegan and never been tested on animals. But there are still some stuff as liquid soap, transfer paper, tattoo butter etc which may contain animal derived ingredients. Ask your tattoo artist about the brands and products he/she uses and re-check it’s all by yourself. Be 100% sure your tattoo is completely vegan.

Love animals and your tattoos!

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